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WHY US????


Consider Engineers of Tomorrow for your educational/child care needs.  We offer the following:

  • Structured, professionally planned curriculum meets Head Start standards

  • We practice writing everyday, reinforce early math and reading skills, and our scholars love to show their parents what they have accomplished on a daily basis

  • DFPS licensed home day care

  • Classroom ambiance in the comfort and safety of our home

  • Our innovative Director is certified as a principal in the state of Texas (has a combined 10 years of experience in the classroom and as an administrator)

  • STEM approach to instructional methodology

  • Friendly and caring CPR/First Aid certified caregivers

  • Affordable tuition: our pricing falls between the pricing of daycare centers and other licensed home daycares in the area.

    • Daycare centers have higher child to teacher ratios and don't offer the same technological advantage/expertise and, oftentimes, have hefty supply/administrative fees

    • Other licensed home daycares offer babysitting services with no curriculum and don't have the same focus of getting your child ready for the formal kindergarten environment

  • Accept families enrolled with the Child Care Assistance program (CCA/CCMS)

  • Healthy and nutritious, home-cooked meals monitored by the USDA Food Program




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